(picture)                   —All Baptisms take place at 1pm every Sunday each month.

                                    —-1st Sunday —Ballyconneely Church.

                                    —-2nd Sunday —Clifden Church.

                                   —-3rd Sunday—–Claddaghduff Church.

                                   —-4th Sunday—–Clifden Church.


(picture)                   —-Saturdsy 6.30pm —-Clifden Church.

                                    —- Service of Reconciliation at Easter and Christmas.


Marriages       –Take place at 1pm on Saturdays and weekdays in all three   Parish Churches.

(Picture)                   –There are no Sunday Weddings allowed.

                                    –Guidelines and Requirement for Church Marriages.   


Guidelines and Requirements for Church Marriages.


  1. Civil Registration Document.–Application to the Civil Register for Notification of Marriage. Minimum (3) three months notice in advance.


  1. Church Documents—(a) Baptism Certificate (b) Confirmation Certificate (c) Letter or Letters of Freedom, from parishes resided in for (6) six months or more. (d) Pre-Nuptial Enquiry Form (e) Certificate of completed Pre-Marriage Course. These certificates should be issued within six (6) months of the marriage.


  1. All the above documents are prepared by the priest of the parish where you are currently residing. The priest in turn will send these documents to the Church in which this marriage will take place to be stored there.

 Documents coming from overseas must also include a Statutory Declaration Form (see sample).  It is important that all documents coming from outside the country are directed by the priest there through his Diocesan office to the Diocesan office in Tuam, Ireland. Addressed to The Secretary, Archbishop’s House, Tuam, Co. Galway, Ireland. Eircode: H54HP57.


  1. A fee of €300.00 euro for non parishioners applies for the booking of the church.


PHOTOGRAPHY AND FLORISTS. —Please advise your florist and photographer of the importance to respect the Sacred Space and Church property.  The following policy applies in this Church.


  • No lighted candles in Church except on the Altar (Insurance Policy).
  • No Confett’i inside or outside the Church.
  • No thumbtacks or sellotape on furniture or walls.
  • Photographs and Video recording may be taken of the key moments of the marriage ceremony and the entrance and exit. No photography or camera movement during the time between the Offertory of Gifts and Communion.