This is St. Joseph’s Church Clifden

The town of Clifden was built by the landlord, John D’Arcy, in 1812. Twelve years later, St. Mary’s, the first Roman Catholic Church, was built. The present parish church of St. Joseph was built in 1879 on the hill opposite the old St. Mary’s. The Francescan Brothers established a Monestery in Clifden in 1837 and the Mercy Sisters came in 1855. Their convent closed in 2001. The Parish church of St. Joseph was renovated in 1901 when stained glass windows were provided. Further renovation was carried out in 1974 by Canon Michael Mooney.

St. Joseph’s Church.

The foundation for this beautiful Church was laid in 1872 and was completed seven years later. It was dedicated in July 1879 by Archbishop Mc Hale. This was a considerable achievement considering the poverty of the people who were emerging from famine periods, and also the courage of Dean Mc Manus who undertook this task in his late 70’s.

During his 34 years 1898—1932 Canon Mc Alpine did much to furnish and beautify the Church.  In 1898 the Church Spire was completed standing at a height of 150 feet.  In 1900 the bell was erected and first rung on St. Patrick’s Day. In 1901 the beautiful Joshua Clarke stained glass windows were installed.

St. Mary’s Church.

 St. Mary’s Church was built by Rev. Myles Prendergast in 1824 with the help of John D’Arcy.It is located directly opposite St. Joseph’s and was the first Church in the town of Clifden. The town was founded by the landlord John D’Arcy in 1812. The graveyard surrounding the Church was used all through the Famine Years.

The Franciscans Brothers.

The Franciscans Brothers came to Clifden and established a Monastery and School in 1837.

The Mercy Sisters.

The Mercy Sisters came in 1855 and served the people in the local Schools and Hospital and worked with the poor in the earlier years. Their convent closed in 2001.